5 Hair Problems That Arise After The Summer Season

Despite everything, this summer many dared to go on vacation to the sea coast, in country spa-complexes or spent vacation on Ukrainian lakes. The season of insolation never passes for the skin and hair without a trace: with the beginning of autumn, most girls complain to their hair-stylists about the brittleness, dryness, itching and peeling of the scalp, increased fatness and with horror count the amount of hair on the comb, which increases day by day.

Problem 1: Dander

Even if you have never complained about dander, in the off-season this problem may appear in your life. There may be several reasons for this. Among them are the shampoos used in hotels, which do not correspond to the type of your scalp, and frequent change of hair-means, and frequent use of alcoholic cocktails, which in the heat do not sin except that incorrigible GO-nicks.

Solution: Bivalent Shampoo Ing Professional Bivalent Shampoo. This therapeutic shampoo contains extracts of purity and Icelandic moss. These components work in two ways: completely remove the dander from the strands and carefully cleanse the scalp, as well as give the hair volume, softness and shine. The shampoo restores the optimal hydrolipid balance of the scalp and creates a feeling of freshness. This is possible thanks to a formula that directly affects the sebaceous glands, making them secretion.

Problem 2: Hair loss

The cause of seasonal hair loss in autumn is most often worth looking for in frivolous behavior before vacation. You can talk as much as you like about the dangers of monodiet and sharp weight loss by 5-10 kg, but most girls before the season of swimwear drastically reduce the caloric content of the daily diet, limiting themselves in healthy hair products – nuts, oily fish, meat, butter, cottage cheese of normal fat, eggs, whole grains and lard. A rigid diet harms the hair, but the consequences in the form of fallout we usually notice only in early autumn – this is how the complex physiology of the follicle works.

In addition, the loss of curls can be caused by food poisoning, which often occurs during rest in southern countries. It leads to an imbalance of the gut microflora – few people know, but the condition of this organ depends on the health of the hair. To support the vitality of beneficial bacteria, add to the diet products with probiotics: Greek yogurt, kimchi, soy sauce, sour cabbage, ayran, tofu.

You can also influence from the outside. The Loss Control Complex Double Action complex from Hair Companywill help in this case. Complex plant extracts, which include stem cells of plant origin, ginger, cypress berries, Japanese sophora, improves the condition of hair, deeply cleanses the skin, removes toxins and stimulates the growth of the hair bulb. Extended result from use – hair acquires a healthier appearance, increases tone and resistance to adverse external influences.

Problem 3: Greasy hair and scalp

Paradoscial, but one of the main reasons for the increase in sebum production dermatologists call skin dehydration. This is just as true when it comes to scalp. Dried by high temperatures, the scalp is desperate to restore the hydrolipid mantle, and every day throws out more and more fat. The result is oily hair roots and skin, while the length of the hair can remain dry.

The sebo Balance Lotion Double Action lotion that regulates sebaceous glands from Hair Company is a must product for anyone who has encountered this problem. Its formula is enriched with multifunctional, active substances and helps to fight the discomfort of the scalp skin, screws decongestant and calming action. The formula works: ivy extract, complex of sulphicated amino acids, sunflower seed extract, glycolate extract: pyroctonolamine, purity, Icelandic lichen and provitamin B5. With their help, lotion moisturizes and leads the skin to optimal hydrobalance, normalizes bacterial balance, eliminates flaking in seborrheic dermatitis. Even the most pedantic beauty-foodie will not find in its composition of allergens and sulfates.

Problem 4: sensitive scalp

Severe itching, redness, irritation are key signs of sensitive scalp. And it can become such after the summer season – because of the change of climatic zones, long stay in the plane, dry air conditioned in the rooms, high temperatures. In addition, this problem can affect even those who have not left the metropolis. For example, few people know that in the heat of the head should be washed more often than usual. Ignorance or neglect of this rule for a long period of time can make the scalp reactive.

To help with the scalp, use the Dermo Calm Complex Double Action mitigating complex from Hair Company. Designed for sensitive scalp, it instantly soothes it with an alpha stem complex that relieves redness and discomfort. It also has an antioxidant effect, protects against environmental aggression and softens the scalp. These superpowers are responsible for stem cells centella Asian, extract aloe vera, glycerin, provitamin B5.

Problem 5: Hair damage

In the season of insolation, even the most responsible beauty shakers are sensitive to the protection of the skin of the face and body, forgetting about the scalp and hair. And if fashionistas put on the beach headscarves and hats, then all the others expose the hair aggression. The condition of hair day by day is affected by ultraviolet, salty sea and chlorinated water pools, sand, hot wind. There is no damage after these interactions. The rehabilitation program for hair and scalp should start by putting one of these products on the shelf in the bathroom. Or take the duet at once.

BB Cream “Lifting Effect” Cream BB StylingInimitableStyle by Hair Company

Innovative hair cream with a rejuvenating effect contains a high amount of pure hyaluronic acid, which provides deep hydration, promotes soft and deep penetration into the structure of all the necessary components, prolonging the youth of the hair. The cream has an air conditioning effect and a modeling component of Mirustyle Mfp, which makes it easy to cope with the styling of even the most naughty hair. The components protect the hair from premature aging caused by the negative effects of sunlight. The cream lacks parabens, sulfates and SLES, but there is hyaluronic acid, argan and keratin oil, vitamin E, UV filters.

Spray moisturising 2-phase Hydro 2-Phase Spray Be Keen on Hair

Its action is aimed at actively strengthening, nourishing, moisturizing the strands and restoring all damaged areas of the hair structure. The composition of the facility contains a balanced grooming complex consisting of B5 provitamin, wheat protein and UV filters that provide hair smoothness, silkiness, attractive shine and lightness. Spray is suitable for any type of hair, but it is especially useful dry, dyed, lightened, as well as curls after a chemical perm. After the regular use of 2 phase spray hair smoothed, become soft, easy to comb and get caught stacked.


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