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Interior Trends: 5 Main Styles Of The Year

In Ukraine, the time has come when the interior begins to work on the comfort of its owner, rather than on the status, said The head of the design bureau StudioPine Yuri Bondarenko. Today, he said, people care about the convenience, ergonomics and functionality of all interior elements.

We asked Yuri to tell us about the most popular styles in the interior of 2020 – how to design your living space so that it was both beautiful and as comfortable as possible.

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style acquires new features of aesthetics and accuracy of Japan. There remains a simplicity of stylistic techniques, maximum style work on preserving and expanding space and illumination. All techniques become more delicate and thoughtful. Begin to appear warm shades, the style becomes more cozy and diverse in colors. Common materials – painting walls, pure or painted wood, fine-format ceramics, textiles with a geometric pattern.


Responsible attitude to nature and environment in general makes eco style more and more popular. The main feature is the use of natural environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. In most cases, eco-style involves the use of natural colors and shades. The classic combination is a combination of light wood (oak or ash) with green color, which is usually introduced into the interior in the form of plants.


Not all spaces are suitable for the loft. This style is interesting because it is shaped by the characteristics and features of the room itself. Whether it is an attic floor with an interesting form of ceilings, or a basement room with concrete columns and powerful brick masonry, all this immediately plays into the hands of the designer. But since in a modern city such spaces are a rarity, the loft has acquired features of stylization. Now it is considered a bad tone to create artificial and flimsy designs of beams, columns and other things. In a standard apartment, the features of the loft are the ceiling sewn by the brushed wood, the cladding of columns with metal sheets, mirrors with a patina, masonry of decorative brick hand-shaped, etc.


Eclecticism has become very popular now. And eclecticism in combination with folk motifs. Modern style is beginning to combine with elements of Ukrainian art and folklore. At the same time there is a process of modernization and rethinking of historical details, the interior becomes in the role of passepartout for folk art of our ancestors. Literate performance makes Ukrainian eclecticism a very strong and characteristic style.


Minimalism remains the same: widespread use of white walls, large mirrored surfaces, discreet lamps and hidden furniture fittings. The main rule is completely opposite to the loft – to hide all technical and constructive solutions behind a carefully thought-out neat plane of walls, ceilings and floors. The space of minimalism is necessarily ascetic and not burdened with unnecessary detailing. However, there are accent elements – a bright picture, colored pillows or catchy elements of furniture filling. The main thing is that it only emphasizes the minimalism and pedantry of the surrounding room.

Attention to detail

From Scandinavian style to loft, from minimalism to eclecticism, whichever style you prefer today or a year later is always crucial. Exquisite furniture, art objects and high-quality appliances can fully unlock the potential of your interior. And if before such an object as a TV was just a necessity that did not fit anywhere and only spoiled the whole concept, today you have one that appears and disappears when you want, can be thin as paper, and even roll. And it’s not a joke. This is a novelty from LG – OLED TV, which fully reveals the potential of your interior. From now on, turn around and watch TV when you’re comfortable. And instead of the hated “black hole” of the screen are inspired by works of art. Gallery mode provides access to a rich collection of images – famous places, paintings and photographs.

TV wallpaper (the thickness of the display 3.85 mm) literally merges with the wall, and thanks to the glowing pixels strikes realistic colors, high contrast and detailed textures (it seems that the actors are right in front of you).

he 4K picture seems to come to life before our eyes, and the powerful GX sound panel only enhances the experience. By the way, the GX soundbar will appear on the Ukrainian market very soon: in early October. Never before has a house turned into a movie theater so simple: netflix’s favorite TV series, Disney movies or Apple TV programs can be watched on an OLED TV through voice commands without a remote control.

LG OLED TVs perfectly reveal the concept of flexible design, once again proving that in today’s world technology can be an art object too.

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