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Top 6 Cleansing Face Masks We Adore

Dermatologists do not get tired of saying: that the most expensive care products bring the promised result, it is best to apply them on clean skin.

In summer, heat, smog, dust, sand, increased excretion of sebum, and sweat work against clean skin. All these aggressive factors clog the pores and contribute to the appearance of an ugly oil film on the face. In this regard, the usual cleaning procedures may not be enough. Then come to the aid of cleansing face masks.

We Have compiled a list of best cleansing face masks for you.

Pink Clay Mask, Dior

The French of Christian House are well aware of the needs of millennials and have therefore supplemented the Hydra Lifecare family with the Pink Clay Mask Pores Away. Cleansing the mask with the gentle creamy texture of a beautiful shade of millennial pink will please not only visuals and kinesets, but also all dreamers about perfectly clean skin.

Pink clay with natural minerals in the composition qualitatively and noticeably cleans it, and natural jojoba oil, which is considered one of the best products for skincare, regenerates, soothes, and moisturizes.

The mask not only perfectly removes pollution but also narrows pores, fights with black dots and their further appearance, as well as mattes the skin no worse than your favorite powder. Another thing for which not to fall in love with this mask is impossible: for deep cleansing is enough only three minutes. And you can go to the party right away!

Lightening Buffing Mask, Institut Esthederm

Professional brand Institut Esthederm presented its version of delicate skin cleansing, creating a line L’Osmoclean. Its second stage is the Lightening Buffing Mask, which provides exfoliation and lightening. The absorption of excess sebum, the removal of dead cells, and the alignment of the skin are tasks with which it is also easy to cope with. Unlike the usual rituals, the unusual mask should be rolled down after it works on the skin for 10-15 minutes. In reflection, you will see beautifully radiant, completely cleansed skin. And, which is very nice, this effect will stay with you for a long time.

At the same time, it does not contain microparticles and is very careful about the skin at the expense of the Complex Skin Balance System with prebiotics.

clayMask™, Medik8

Another “professionals” in the world of skincare have created a luxurious cleansing clay mask with bentonite and kaolin, which is sure to be loved by owners of large pores. Its first priority is to reduce its size as much as possible. And it perfectly cleans the skin, not drying, and leaves it after itself fresh, soft, and radiant. The product resists clogging the pores, and natural extracts of willow, passion, and cranberries turn its application into a pleasant spa-ritual.

In addition, the mask contains a powerful antioxidant vitamin E and allantoin, which softens, soothes the skin, prevents redness and irritation.

Chlorophyll Detox, Perricone MD

Dr. Perricone’s eponymous brand Perricone MD has released a rejuvenating detox mask Chlorophyll Detox for instant elasticity and smoothness of the skin. Due to the content of alpha-lipo acid, which renews the surface of the skin and cleans pores, and microcapsules with phytonutrients, which release chlorophyll in contact with the skin and cleanse it, the mask has a wonderful detox effect. A fan of green salads and vegetables, the doctor added to the composition extracted from watercress and broccoli sulforaphane, which provides powerful antioxidant protection for the fight against free radicals. The results are impressive – rejuvenation, instant whitening, smoothing wrinkles, alignment of skin texture, healthy radiance, and flawless complexion.

Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque, Kiehl’s

Loved by beauty insiders around the world, the Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque mask from Kiehl’s American brand is an excellent way to cleanse your skin of contaminants. Among the key ingredients is white clay, which is mined at the mouth of the Amazon River. It cleanses the skin perfectly, eliminates bacteria, toxins, and keratinized cells, bentonite works as an absorbent, and aloe vera instantly moisturizes and prevents drying of the skin.

Mask of Magnaminty, Lush

Mask of Magnaminty or, as it is called “Mega-Mask” is a bestseller of the British brand Lush and a faithful companion for summer days. The composition, as always, will delight vegetarians and fans of eco-products: seeds of evening primrose, honey, and absolute vanilla. But that’s not all. The mask deeply cleanses pores with bentonite and kaolin, and ground Sadoski beans and primrose seeds will easily rid the skin of toxins and inanimate cells. The softening extract of the velvets in the composition soothe it, and peppermint oil gives a feeling of fantastic purity and freshness.

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